Wednesday, 17 December 2014

16 weeks and ready for Christmas

I felt the baby move the other day, and you know what, I burst into tears! Relief, I reckon.
It was just what I needed to start feeling that 'connection', and it really brought me back to reality, which was good. It's been so hard to feel enthusiastic about everything with my recent mood,

Just feeling that little flutter and knowing it was the baby (when you know, you know), has moved me on a bit. I feel a lot more 'pregnant' now, and have enjoyed thinking more about the future. I mean, in a few weeks I'll be half way through.....I can't believe it. Time to start thinking about getting the nursery set up. :)

But first things first. Christmas! Christmas Eve a week today, to be exact. It's a funny time of year, isn't it. All that build up, and as an adult you're fully aware that soon it'll all be over. But as Lib is now at the age where she has an understanding of what's going on, I think it'll be magical this year. I can't wait to see her face when she sees all the presents under the tree! And it'll be her last Christmas as an only child...all being well. :)

Anyway, we have the tree, we've decked the halls, and soon it'll be time to make some Christmas treats to curb my sweet tooth. Something a bit nicer to munch on than sour sweets, which is my current craving. Oh, and meat. Bought myself some chicken for lunch and it was lovely. I figure if I enjoy it, then my body obviously needed it, so I'm not going to make myself feel guilty! Normally, I just eat fish (no meat), but as I've gone off fish anyway, I'm willing to eat whatever I fancy in the quest to try and get a balanced diet. I was so good at healthy eating for the majority of my pregnancy last time (it all went to pot a bit at the end though...) because I was working from home in my 2nd and 3rd trimester, so I could concentrate on getting what I needed and cooking healthy meals. This time, I'm certainly not eating bad things when I do eat (ignoring the sour sweets!), but my lack of appetite and low mood has made cooking and preparing things a chore, so I know I haven't done as well this time around. The key I think is having healthy things in the fridge for me to just pick at. For some reason I will eat fruit salad if it's prepared and ready to go in the fridge, but I'm less likely to just pick up a piece of fruit...which is just as easy! Weird.

Hmmm...healthy eating over Christmas. An interesting concept.


Our first real Christmas tree. Believe it or not, we used to put the same
 amount of decorations on a tree half the size!