Monday, 23 February 2015

26 weeks and making the most of it

By 'making the most of it' I mean it's suddenly dawned on me that in 2 weeks I'm into the third trimester, so the last two weeks of having no illness and generally feeling fine, is on it's way out! Bum.

Already just in the last two days I've started to feel heavier and tighter, and Junior's kicks and shifting around have gone from being 'cute' to being uncomfortable, and all starts flooding back! Ah the third trimester. 3 months of feeling knackered and uncomfortable. Woo hoo. ;) I've been proactive this time around to try and get everything sorted before the third trimester, so all I have to do is rest and sleep when Lib's not around. I'm not good at relaxing when I know there is something that needs doing, so I'm hoping to free my mind up a bit!

In other news, pelvic girdle pain has started...though as of yet, no SPD. The difference is that instead of having constant pain with SPD, the pelvic girdle pain is much more common and causes pain and stiffness in my hips if I sit for long periods, especially on a hard chair. Fingers crossed using my support band and seeing the osteopath will stop it from becoming too problematic.

I've started Aqua Yoga for Pregnancy classes too. It's great to have a bit of time set aside once a week to properly relax and concentrate on the baby. It's really improving my pelvic floor too, which is always going to be good. It's kind of pricey, but I would definitely recommend it. I find the water so soothing and it's been nice to chat to some other pregnant women. It would be nice to use a birthing pool this time around, but with only 3 hours of established labour with Lib, I doubt they're going to have time to fill the pool up!! :)

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