Wednesday, 15 April 2015

33 weeks and the sun is shining!!

Sunny day...sunny outlook! Gosh, it really has made a difference to my mood to have a few days of sun which, considering it's me we're talking about, is pretty unexpected. Normally I hate summer/sun/heat because it doesn't sit well with my MS, but I've reasoned that I had such a crappy winter being ill with one thing or another, that it's not surprising that I'm looking forward to the summer.

Thank goodness, the muscle seems to have healed quite a lot recently, because I'm definitely able to move more freely though driving is still a bit beyond me. I had a pain flare up at the weekend which didn't really make sense because I had improved so much, and I finally twigged that I was experiencing rib pain as well as muscle because Junior was sat so high. I've been doing some stretches that thank goodness haven't aggravated the muscle, and that really seems to have helped. There's a good article on alleviating rib pain here.

Yesterday Junior had dropped all the way down which was felt really strange (I could have sworn he was engaged) but I was so relieved to be able to breath properly and have a break from the pain for a day. I did start to wonder whether he was on his way out though which was a bit un-nerving! Turns out it's normal for second babies to drop down then change their mind quite a lot, and I had to remind myself that only about 2% of babies are pre-mature and it's usually only if you've had problems in pregnancy, so I don't think there's much chance of him popping out in the next few weeks.

I can start to see the end now though, so it's just a case of carrying on and gritting my teeth. The sun certainly helps's good to feel some sun and heat on m'bones! :)

sun, dandelion, summer
Not exactly exotic, but nice none-the-less.

P.S What do you think of the new look site? I was in a spring-cleaning mood :)