Monday, 6 July 2015

The Homer Cycle of Recovery

Low and behold! After having a 'normal' weekend (ie, being out of bed but not doing anything taxing) and being on night duty with Junior for two nights, the tingles and fatigue are back.

I was lying in bed last night though, and laughed when this popped in my head and I realised that it's the perfect embodiment of a relapse.

I fell down the ravine, then I keep having little knock backs on the way back up. Little things that get in the way on the road to recovery, like the heat. Then just when you think you're free and easy, wham.

I really need to fight every instinct in my body, and not do much this week even if I feel better. We're going on holiday next week, which will be really lovely, but it definitely has the potential to 'crash the ambulance' considering it's so soon after a relapse. Luckily we're going to somewhere where we've been before though, so it's familiar, and I know lots of fun can be had without needing to go out every day.

So rest rest rest. And remind myself of this clip when I want to do something. Then have a giggle....because it's comedy gold.