Wednesday, 29 July 2015

The School Holiday Syndrome

I'm confused to why my daughter seems to have 'school holiday syndrome' without actually going to school! There is definitely something about this time of year...

She's irritable, distracted, going from hyper and bouncing off the walls to know, a bit of a 'threenager'. But blimey, Lib is ready to start school. Annoyingly though she misses out this year by a few weeks. However she is starting pre-school/nursery at the local primary school in September, so in her eyes she is starting school with the big kids. It's so lovely how excited she is about it... she keeps packing her bags ready to go. It's not for another 5 weeks... :)

In the meantime though, dealing with a bit of a manic child had been pretty exhausting, especially as I'm trying not to over-do it. If I do too much, the balance problems, dizziness and ice-pick headaches (where you get a really sharp pain just in one point of your brain) are coming back so I'm clearly not out of woods yet, regarding my relapse. Perhaps in a clearing on the out-skirts of it, eh? :)
Luckily though, I've got enough energy to potter at home and do things like baking and imaginary play with her, which she's really into at the moment. Currently her favourite game is me being 'teacher' (Miss Polly) and her being the student. Too cute.

I've also found this site really good for arty ideas to do on a quiet afternoon -
and I signed up for ToucanBox (a scheme where you get art supplies and instructions for an activity through the letterbox every other week). The activities have been great, and Lib loves getting it through the post. Plus anything to give me a bit of inspiration and her a distraction is very welcome! :)