Sunday, 24 April 2016

Tecfidera and all that jazz

Well I promised a post about Tecfidera, and I figure I'll try and keep it up..just to remind myself when I'm old and grey and driving a car that flies or is on some kind of monorail system like in Minority Report.

So the first week is done. BOOM! In the bag! 

It was fine. Which is weird for me to say, seen as I've felt pretty rubbish over the last few days...but that could have been for a number of reasons. Like having MS for one. After all, Tecfidera isn't a miracle cure, so the usual symptoms can certainly still be expected..especially seen as it's early days.
I consider the week to be fine though, because the side effects weren't as EPICALLY awful as first feared. They definitely gave me the worst case scenario at the hospital, which I admit was a good thing because what I felt seemed a walk in the park! I got bad flushing the first day (my ears went bright red but sadly I didn't take a picture... I've improvised below though..) and got really itchy all over, but that has subsided as the week's gone on. I've had some awful headaches and generally just felt bleeurggh, but as my MS nurse mentioned that I might want to tear my skin off because of the flushing, I think I've gotten off lightly. Either that or it was always going to be fine because she's nuts and prone to exaggeration! (I'm kidding, Kelly. ) 

I've made sure I've stuck to the advice of having a good meal to line my stomach before taking it, and I've had aspirin on all is goodish so far. However I move up to double the dose tomorrow, so I'm sure things will flare up a bit again. If I start to struggle though, I'm totally going to treat myself at the end of each week to keep me going until Week 12 - the week of relief from side effects apparently.

Huh. It'll basically be like going through my 1st trimester of pregnancy again. Whoopee doo! *roll eyes*

More next week...