Friday, 6 January 2017

Tysabri Take 2

From one extreme to another, eh?

First exhausted, now feeling great.

I had my second dose of Tysabri today, and what a bloody marvel!
As you know I had gone downhill this last week but I woke up feeling pretty positive. All went well at the hospital and after two hours I left feeling pretty buzzed up. Firstly, I hardly felt having the canula put in, which is always a big plus (I have a bit of a fear of canulas after a really bad experience in hospital once), and secondly there were no side effects again aside from a bit of light headedness.

Within an hour or two I felt great and was practically skipping when I gave the dog a walk. I'm sure a lot of it is psychological, but then my MS nurse did say she had had other people who have seen a real benefit to their day to day lives. It  turns out that the flare up in MS hugs is down to Tysabri too, but if anything it shows that it's starting to work and hopefully that'll subside with time.
All in all Tysabri is turning out to be a really positive experience, which is...unexpected. Any treatment where I'd have to be in hospital every month in the first instance would be viewed with dread, but I found this morning I was actually kind of looking forward to it. Now I remember why! Let's just hope it actually reduces relapses and the bad side effects stay at bay...

 Round Two commences...