Tuesday, 18 April 2017

The Chest Infection

I'm racking my brains as to why I'm finding it so difficult to write at the moment. I don't think it's tiredness because I've caught up on a lot of sleep over the past week. I just have a severe lack of creativity at the moment. I'm just.......meh. Maybe it's down to medication? I feel like any creativeness and imagination has just been zapped away, and I'm really struggling to motivate myself. I can't even be bothered to do any beloved sewing.

Then again, it's been another tough old week so it's hardly surprising. 

I've just been on a course of antibiotics for a chest infection. Of course, things are never bloody simple where I'm concerned. I went into the doctor to get checked out for my chest, but because my blood pressure was so low she was really concerned. She started to bandy the word 'sepsis' around (sepsis is a very serious complication you can get following an infection) so I was properly on edge! I had a follow up the next morning, and she told me to go down to the hospital for some more tests. 5 hours later and 'all clears' meant I was discharged with, yep, a chest infection. 

I received brilliant care and service at the hospital, but it was so sad to see how stretched they were, and they had a real shortage of beds. Having to have a canula put in in a corridor alongside other patients was a bit of a strange experience, even though there were screens. We all looked like we were in a little holding pens.....then again, I guess we were! The whole day really took it out of me. 
I've been a good girl since though. The doctor's said rest, so for once I've been doing nothing but rest, and I think I've made a much quicker recovery because of it. 

Of course, having Tysabri when I was coming to the end of a cold probably wasn't a good move. Because it suppresses my immune system I was warned that it could make the cold worse, which it certainly did. Hey ho, I've learnt for next time. Generally though, Tysabri is still going well. I had a neurological review recently, and my consultant was really pleased with my progress. Although Tysabri can't repair damage, it's certainly been enough to push me into a good remission which is great news. 

So onwards and upwards now. They sun is shining, I'm in a happier mood, and I can't wait for summer.