Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Temper tantrums and breaking a habit

The terrible two's have started early, and boy, that little guy can throw some epic tantrums.
I'm assuming that once Ed's language improves, it will help matters...his frustration at not being able to ask for things is palpable at the moment. To be honest though, I started to think that maybe there was something we could work on together to help his moods - getting his sleep sorted out.

I hang my head in shame, when I say that at nearly 2, Ed still wakes up for milk at night. It's something that is complete habit now, and I think is getting in the way of him eating properly too. It's just been so hard to bring ourselves to break the habit, even though we know that having interrupted sleep is no good for anyone. Well, the time has come to bite the the bullet and give it a shot. Si and Sheila are away in Canada at the moment, so I thought having complete control of the situation would make it slightly easier.

And so far so good (though it's more out of fluke than good planning). Because Grandad and Alison are here, he's been excited and had later naps, therefore having a later bedtime the last two nights. Because of that he has slept through and then not needed such an early nap again the next day, therefore completing the cycle. Sleeping through has also meant he's not been tempted by milk, and is therefore eating better so consequently sleeping better. Man, this parenting is complicated stuff!

It's equally a marvel and a frustration that just extending his bedtime by an hour has had such a huge effect on his sleeping. If only we'd tried it ages ago! Hopefully I'm not speaking too soon though - it's only been two nights on the trot that he's slept well. I do think it has improved his mood as well though, so fingers crossed we're on the right track.

So much of motherhood is trial and error, and you'd think the second time around I would remember that certain things help, but I've been in such a fog it's been hard to read the signs recently. Hopefully by the time Si gets back we'll have got it cracked, and we can move on to the next big hurdle - moving him into a toddler bed!! Eeek!

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Not my child...though I can tell the scream is similar!