Thursday, 15 June 2017

Getting Ed settled in his toddler bed

Well, I did promise an update on the sugar-free diet, and so far it's going peachy. I've also lost 3lbs which is great! I've had a few wobbly moments, especially when we went to a wedding at the weekend. Doing a sugar-free diet is fairly simple so long as you have control, but when we went away all control was gone, so I just went with it. A few days blip isn't going to make much difference, and I've found it easy to start up again, so all is good.
As for my MS, I've had a few tingles, but not nearly as much as I was having before the diet. Whether it's the sugar or not, I'll never know, but it's positive nonetheless. I coped really well at the wedding too, which is saying a lot because we didn't get much sleep. Taking a toddler away to a hotel and then a wedding was pretty fraught I can tell you! We all enjoyed it though, and it was great to have some quality family time.

Weddings and sugar aside, the big achievement recently is that Ed is now fully settled into his toddler bed. Well, I say settled. He's still waking in the night and coming through to us, but the cot has gone and he'll settle well enough at night when we put him down.

It actually all happened very naturally. Ed decided he just didn't want to be in his cot anymore. We had the toddler bed set up and ready in his room along with the cot, so when he started to climb into bed, we just thought..let's go for it. Obviously it took a bit of getting used to for him, but he seems to really like his bed. In some ways the fact that he can get out and climb into ours, saves for a lot of upheaval in the night. He's still asking for milk some nights, which isn't ideal. But as its usually after 4am, we give in and let him have some seen as he'll then just fall back to sleep for a couple of hours. Anything for an easy life with this parenting lark!

The other big news is that I've decided to write a book, all about my experiences of life with MS, especially focusing on being diagnosed young, and motherhood.
It's an exciting prospect, and I'm sure it'll take me an age to do, but I'm really enjoying it so far!