Friday, 28 July 2017

Summer holidays

Between you and me, I secretly like the summer holidays. Sure it's knackering, but it makes me far more creative in my parenting. I get stuck in a bit of a rut with the kids sometimes. Lib being off school gives us more options to do stuff, so instead of me having to rely on weekends (many of which I've been ill) to do fun stuff with the kids, in the holidays we can be spontaneous and head out when I'm feeling ok.
Today I managed to take them to The Wild Place all by myself! Normally I'd have another adult on hand just in case I got tired, but I felt confident enough to do it, so off we went. It was lovely to do something a bit different on my own with the kids for a change.
I enjoy The Wild Place because it doesn't get busy in the same way the zoo does, and there's so much outdoor space. I find the zoo very claustrophobic and really quite stressful whereas at Wild Place it's much more about meandering about. Plus there are giraffes and zebras so Ed was one happy bunny!
We're off on holiday to Wales tomorrow, with my whole family. Fingers crossed the weather will be ok enough to get some days out - otherwise I fear we're all going to go stir crazy! After such a bad week last week, it's like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. The fog of depression has gone, so I can fully look forward now to what next week brings. I'm sure I'll have periods when I'm fatigued, but with so many helping hands me and Si should be able to get a bit of time to relax. Here's hoping!
The photo is of Ed riding the jeep at Wild Place...he's starting to look so grown up!