Monday, 15 October 2012


This is going to take a while seen as my hands aren't doing what I want them to....but as I'm stuck in bed, I thought it would be good to do something constructive.

So from the beginning.

Woke up 3 days ago with a painful, burning sensation around my neck. It felt a bit like a nettle sting and hurt like billy-o when I touched it. As I'd had my flu jab the previous day, I thought 'hmm...maybe it's some weird reaction', so did a bit of research and convinced myself it was fibromyalgia. Took some painkillers which helped, but right at the end of the day I noticed numbness around my groin. Ah.

Next morning woke up and I had limited sensation from the neck down. Now, normally when I relapse  I get tingling and numbness in my legs, and occasionally in my hands. This time it was all over my body! Literally my head is the only part of me that isn't affected. I convinced myself it is a virus that has hit me hard (last year I had a sore throat and went completely numb down my right side...which went as soon as the sore throat did). So it'll pass, right?

Yesterday morning. this doesn't look good. Numbness is worse, particularly around my torso, and I have really bad tingly, cotton wool hands. Also, legs are starting to stiffen up making walking a bit slow.
Trying to rest but remain relatively normal for Lib's sake.

This morning. Sweet baby bibby. Nearly lost the feeling in my legs. Was shocked to realise the dog was standing on my legs and I didn't even realise! I can still manoeuvre my legs, and can feel pressure up to a point (I could feel Lib crawling on my legs..but she's a lot heavier than the dog!), but walking is now shuffling. Hands are a lot worse and tingling now up to my elbows, though I seem to have strength in my fingers. It's my wrists and elbows that have stiffened, meaning I don't feel like I have a lot of control. Keeping going to touch my hair and poking myself in the eye! Now I'm in the swing of it, I can type pretty well though. If all else fails, I could write my memoirs! ;)

You know the worst thing? Si flew to Boston yesterday morning..for a week! Luckily my mother-in-law lives close by, and my Dad is heading down today to help with Lib, so that's covered, but it breaks my heart that he's not here. Si is my rock. When I started to feel unwell I told him not to worry. He said "I'm the calm in the middle of the storm", and that is so true. When ever bad stuff is happening, it's fine so long as he's there. It instantly reassures me and makes me feel safe and calm.

Until he gets back though, I have Citalopram, which seems to be stopping me from going to pieces! :)

Hopefully I'll hear from the hospital later so fingers crossed I can get on the road to recovery. My little car came to a cross roads and rolled into a ditch, so I definitely need some sort of recovery vehicle!

To be continued..............

don't panic badge, MS, relapse,

Nuff said.