Thursday, 13 June 2013

Thursday's are just...awesome.

Hello all!
I have been rubbish at blogging, tweeting, texting, and I don't know what else, recently.
Not sure why, but I think it's definitely time for a little catch up.

I can do this because it's Thursday! Hazaaa! Thursday is the day that Lib goes to our wonderful child minder so I just have one day a week to rest if I need to/potter/do something nice/etc etc.
It has been such a brilliant support for me, though I only realised how much of a support it was when I didn't rest last Thursday despite feeling poop. I felt awful....and I remembered that actually that's how I used to feel every Thursday/Friday. The best thing though is that Lib loves going off on her adventures, so I have no feelings of guilt while I sit back, with my feet up, sipping my Pina Colada ;).

Anyway, I'm not sure why I haven't been blogging though I guess I'm becoming increasingly aware that it's not great sitting on my phone/laptop when Lib's around. I don't want her to think that technology is the 'be all and end all' of life, and so, as Lib's with me for the vast majority of the day it's leaving little time for sending messages into the 'ether'.

But...Thursdays. My little bit of time. The little pocket of quiet in the middle of the week. Ahhh.

Today though hasn't been relaxing as such, but it has been good.
I woke up feeling great this morning for no apparent reason. Probably because we're back to fairly cool and drizzly again outside so no more muggy fatigue - of 'muggigue' as I'm thinking of calling it. My heart lights up when I see a bit of rain. :)

It's been a proactive day; full of messing around with a my new steam cleaner, cleaning, eating muesli bars, drinking tea, having reflexology done and putting washing on. "Jeez, you have such a glam life!" I hear you say. Yes. Yes I do. I've decided though after my 'ourcleanerdidacrapjobyesterdaysonowi'mgoingtocleanandshowherhowit'sdone' frantic coffee induced mania this morning, rather than pay for a class to try and fight this flab and build up my strength, I'm just going to do some cleaning on a Thursday morning, because when I get going it's a flipping work-out! I looked like I'd been to Zumba or something afterwards (or what I imagine I'd look like after Zumba...I've never dared go *shudder*). I had to have a cold shower to bring my cheeks back down to a normal colour!

Foolhardy? Yes, but it was good for me, and it's true what they say about exercise helping fatigue, because I genuinely got a bit of a buzz after. The problem I have is the gamble of trying to do exercise when I'm tired, and risk actually feeling much worse. Since started reflexology though I can tell more easily when I'm tired rather than fatigued, because the fatigue is no longer masking everything, so I think I have a better gauge for how much I can do at the moment.

Let's hope it continues because we're going on a mini family caravan holiday this weekend to North Devon. It's going to be great, and will be so nice to leave the city for a few days. Expect tales of rain, sand in sandwiches, being sad because Swank says no to Mr Whippy, and the 'Goatel'. Yeah. You read that right. Not Hotel. Goatel. *high five*

Haaaaaaaappy goat.