Friday, 23 August 2013


This post is just to say........

I've got my first extra job! Sorry...'background artist' job ;)
I'm so excited! It was the first one I applied for as well, so I'm extra chuffed!

It's happening this Sunday. I am a 'wedding guest' in a film called 'One' made by a Bristol production company. Here's the link:
I'm involved in story number 7, but sadly there isn't much information up about it yet on the website.

It is going to be such a good experience for me (hopefully!), but I'm kinda scared for 2 reasons.
1) It's a wedding scene so there could potentially be a lot of standing around. This isn't too bad if I can catch little breaks to sit down, but because I don't know what I'm letting myself in for (!) it's hard to judge. On the other hand, most of the day could be spent sitting around waiting, which would be fine. I can do sitting. ;)
I've just got to make sure I'm prepared. I've got a nice peppermint spray which helps tired muscles, as well as pads for my shoes to ease the pressure, so fingers crossed I can handle it.
2) It's meant to be 23 deg C on Sunday. Bloody sod's law. I might be fine, I might struggle hugely. It's hard to say. It'll certainly be putting me to the test though. I mean, doing a days filming on a hot day is the worst case scenario, so if I get through this, it'll be a huge boost to my confidence. I think most of the day is going to be inside, so at least it's not going to be standing around in the sun. Then I'd be really worried. I've decided to try not to think of whole filming thing, and just think of it as going to a friend's wedding so I hopefully don't get too stressed out or nervous! :)

But this is the whole point of it, right? To see how well I cope with it. If I get to the end of the day and it's just been too hard for me, then I know that it's not practical. In the summer at least! But at least I'll have been lucky enough to try it.

I'll certainly keep you posted and let you know how I get on! :)

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