Monday, 12 August 2013

Swank Funk

Ahh...the Swank Funk. You've raised your ugly head again.

Really struggling with the diet at the moment, but I've realised the problem is that I've gone off food. Obviously I'm eating (jeez...I'd have to be flipping ill for me to stop eating!) but I have no interest in it. I feel too tired to enjoy cooking, which means that planning lovely Swank friendly meals is beyond me at the moment.

I have realised the key to doing well on the Swank diet (for me) is:

a) making sure I have healthy, nutritious snacks in the house at all times (just because Quavers are low in saturated fat, doesn't mean they're healthy, Chloe)

b) making sure I plan my meals so I can easily cook up a Swank friendly dinner without any hassle

c) have the will-power of an ox, and ignore outside factors (such as friends, family, being on your period, feeling like poop) that would normally make you reach for a cheeky chocolate bar.

Though I haven't been eating badly as such (I'm probably still under the daily recommended allowance for saturated fat) it's safe to say that I have failed on all of these key points recently.

a) I haven't been keeping up with the shopping, which of course means that treats have been purchased by others, which makes  b) harder and greatly tests c) because takeaways are just too convenient.

I shall endeavour to try and get back on track because I know it'll make me feel better. Tomorrow though. I really fancy a Thai takeaway this evening....

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