Sunday, 30 November 2014

8 weeks pregnant: 'I have a baby brother...he's in the cafe'

Weird post, but over the last two weeks, Lib has increasingly gone on about her 'baby brother'. Let me just point out again that we haven't said anything to Lib, but she's sure picked up the vibes from somewhere.She's so bright, so I think that even just talking to someone in hushed tones about it (never mentioning the 'baby' word) has made Lib realise something is up.

Either that or she does have a sixth sense and know that her baby brother is on his way. *shudder* I think I'll be a bit freaked out if it does turn out to be a boy (even though with 50/50 odds it's pretty likely! :) The creepiest moment, was when I took her to the toilet before bed, and she said 'I can see my baby brother. He's out there....' (pointing to the window, and the darkness outside)! I don't need to be reminded that Halloween is coming up.

In all seriousness though, she is going to be so so excited when we tell her. She is so loving and caring towards everyone, big or small, and always homes in on a baby if there's one present. She just wants to make sure everyone is ok :). It's so sweet, and I know she'll relish having that special 'big sister' role.

How long it'll last for after she realises that babies are actually quite boring, is anyone's guess!